Wasp Pest Control Service

Wasps are similar to bees, except their sting is more painful and they have the ability to sting multiple times. Wasps set up nests in areas where there is a steady source of food and water. There are a few different types of wasps that are commonly found in the LA & Riverside county area.

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Wasp Treatment

When treating wasp infestations, we will begin the process by sending a professional, state-licensed and certified technician to inspect your property and determine what type of infestation you're experiencing. Once the source of the infestation is identified, we will customize a treatment plan based on your needs and budget. After the initial treatment, we recommend beginning a regular treatment plan to keep wasps out all year long.

Depending on your property, severity of the infestation and your budget, we offer ongoing wasp control services on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Concerned about the use of traditional pesticides? We also offer organic wasp pest control services on a monthly basis for the chemically sensitive. If you see any wasps between regularly scheduled treatments, we will come back for free to re-treat the area.


  • Treat all baseboards, cracks and crevices with odorless, non-staining products.
  • Interior services are typically only required during the inital treatment and occasionally upon request.


  • A non-repellent pesticide will be applied in around the perimeter of the home.
  • De-webbing of all windows, eaves, structural edges and other pest harborages.
  • Application of pesticide granules around all drip systems, plants, flowers, shrubs, grass areas, pools and fence lines.

Wasps Found in Riverside

mud dauber control riverside

Mud Daubers

Mud daubers get their unique name because they build their nests from mud. These unsightly nests are often attached to ceilings, eaves and overhangs. Mud daubers are typically non-agressive and rarely sting people.

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Paper Wasps

Paper wasps can be identified by their coloring, which is mostly black with yellow markings. Their honeycombed-shaped nests are often found under eaves and in overgrown bushes. Paper wasps are commonly seen drinking from pools and fountains. These wasps are not typically aggressive, but when one is killed, it releases a pheramone that attracts other paper wasps to the area.

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Yellow Jackets

Yellow jackets are similar in coloring to the paper wasp, except they are primarily yellow with black markings. Like other wasps, yellow jackets build their nests in eaves, attics, ceilings and overhangs. Yellow jackets feed on small insects, but they're also attracted to meat and food waste, which is why they are attracted to barbeques, trash cans and picnics.