Squirrel Extermination Service

Squirrels are undoubtedly one of the most common animal species encountered by city dwellers. They spend most of their time roaming about lawns, trees and shrubs, and forested places. They're known for gathering acorns and other nuts and burying them in the soil, as well as climbing trees and dashing across electric cables, roofs, and other structures.

Squirrels are normally not a nuisance, but when they begin living in close proximity to residences and other structures, they can get access to ceilings, attics, basements, and other regions. That's when they become a destructive nuisance, necessitating the services of an experienced squirrel exterminator.

squirrel control riverside
squirrel control riverside

Squirrels Damage Homes

Red and grey squirrels infiltrate buildings for various reasons, including shelter, food storage, and nest construction. They obtain entry by nibbling access holes beneath roofs or utilizing existing openings such as exposed chimneys. They can also enter your property when tree branches overlap your roofs. Once inside, they wreak havoc on the insulation by building nests.

Squirrels often gnaw on cables, posing a fire risk. They may be observed entering and departing buildings, and they are frequently heard rushing through the walls. Furthermore, their feces include fleas as well as other germs such as Salmonellosis, Leptospirosis, and Tick-borne infections which cause health problems including fever, headaches, vomiting, jaundice, rash, ulcers, nerve stiffness, skin conditions and more.

What To Expect From Our Squirrel Control Service

When you call us for your property's inspection for squirrel infestation, expect our crew to arrive at your location to inspect different corners of your home for the presence of squirrels. After a thorough inspection, our squirrel removal experts will figure out how squirrels are sneaking into your house, set traps and capture and remove them strategically. We will also guide you regarding the various ways that squirrels may enter your home and help devise a plan to prevent that from happening again.

How To Prevent Squirrel Infestations

Effective habitat alteration is the most effective strategy to keep squirrels from taking shelter in and around your property. Trimming or cutting tree limbs within a few meters of your property is an essential strategy to adjust your home's environment so that squirrels can't climb and use these branches to hop onto your rooftop. We also advise keeping bird feeders away from the property and avoiding growing new oak or walnut trees near the house, so squirrels don't wander around your place in search of food.

Why Choose Southland For Squirrel Extermination

Southland Pest Control provides a comprehensive suite of squirrel control services to release property owners from the nuisance of squirrel infestations. We offer integrated pest management where we treat infestations in the most environmentally conscious way possible that alleviates the issue at hand and prevents future occurrences.

squirrel exclusion riverside