Rodent Control & Removal

The rapid reproduction of mice, rats and other rodents makes them a major annoyance for everyone. They can reproduce exceedingly quickly and may rapidly take over your home before you have time to consider implementing control measures. Remember that the greatest method to rodent management is to intervene as soon as possible. You'll have to deal with damaged surfaces, clothes and other properties and nasty droppings and dirt all over your house once they've been allowed to reproduce.

Southland Pest Control brings you the quickest and most dependable rodent control services. Our cutting-edge rodent proofing AKA rodent exclusion process is the ultimate form and most effective process ensuring your property remains rodent-free for the foreseeable future. Our rodent extermination services include:

  • Inspection of the property
  • Sealing of crevices, cracks and holes around the property
  • Removing rat hideouts across the property
  • Locating and eradicating any rodent nesting sites

Best In Class Rodent Extermination

Southland Pest Control has over a decades' worth of experience in exterminating rodents from commercial and residential properties. Our staff is given thorough training to expertly inspect and catch rodents while ensuring they cause no damage to the property. We offer guaranteed services where we will return to your property at no additional cost if our services are not executed properly. Southland prides itself in being one of the leading rodent exterminators throughout the United States, having helped multiple homes and commercial property owners save thousands of worth of property and health damage inflicted by rats, mice and other stubborn rodents.