Escrow Sales & Purchase Offer

Our team at Southland Pest Control is thrilled to present an exciting opportunity to elevate your clients' experience during escrow sales and purchases in and around Riverside County. FREE one-time General Pest Control Service Spray (a $195.00 value).

We're excited to offer a special, value-added service: free general pest control treatments for all escrow sales and purchases. However, it is important to note that California State laws governing pest control applications impose certain restrictions on our services.

Service Details

Signature Approval & Informed Homeowners

In accordance with state regulations, we require homeowners' signed approval before commencing any pest control treatment. To streamline the process, we have developed a convenient method of emailing a one-time free service agreement for homeowners for electronic signature approval prior to treatment. This ensures that homeowners are well-informed about the products we will be applying in and around their home, promoting transparency and peace of mind.

Access to the Interior & Exterior

To deliver comprehensive pest control services, we require access to both the interior and exterior of the property. Our highly-trained technicians will thoroughly inspect and treat areas that are susceptible to pests, ensuring a thorough and effective solution. By granting us access, homeowners can rest assured that we will address any pest issues and create a pest-free environment for them.

Vacant Home Requirements

For maximum efficacy, it is necessary for the home to be vacant (NO EXCEPTIONS) at the time of treatment, by law we require that the home be vacated for 4 hours after a clean out treatment. This allows us to apply a highly effective pest control treatment that will last for 8 to 10 weeks. We understand that this requirement may pose logistical challenges, however if we are granted access on the day or day after closing, we can do our job quick and it guarantees the best possible outcome for pest prevention.

Benefits for Agents and Homeowners

As part of our commitment to providing exceptional service, we are offering a 100% FREE treatment, valued at $195, to all Real Estate agents in Riverside county. By including this complimentary service, agents can not only help their clients find their dream home but also ensure they move into a pest-free environment. Additionally, Southland Pest Control will express gratitude to the homeowners through a congratulatory email and a thank you card as a follow-up. This communication will also introduce them to our recurring pest-free treatment options.

Enhance Your Experience

By incorporating this free pest control service into your offerings, you can enhance the value you provide to clients during escrow sales and purchases. Southland Pest Control, as a comprehensive pest control service company, offers a variety of solutions for different pest control problems, including WDO inspections and escrow inspections, rodent control, IPM inspections, mosquito, flea, and tick control and much, much more. Our team is dedicated to delivering exceptional pest control services while strictly adhering to California State laws. Together, we can create a seamless and worry-free experience for homeowners, ensuring they have a safe and pest-free home to enjoy. For the best guaranteed results, Southland Pest Control recommends starting our Bi-Monthly pest control preventative maintenance program after the initial FREE service to prevent problems from recurring, starting at $89.00 once every two months. Let Southland Pest Control know what's bugging you and "We will put your pest to rest" from all general pests like ants, crickets, earwigs, spiders, and many more.