Gopher Extermination Service

Gophers spend most time underground, where they build intricate tunnel networks to shelter themselves from predators such as snakes and other wildlife. Due to the constant digging, the soil fertility improves, which is why sometimes gophers are considered beneficial for the environment.

However, when a large number of gophers congregate near man-made structures, they may cause serious damage. Gophers, which are recognizable by their large frontal teeth, maybe a nuisance to homeowners since they have been known to destroy landscaping and gardens as well as wood structures.

gopher control riverside
gopher control riverside

How To Identify Gopher Presence In Your Yard

Gophers are excellent diggers, with a single one claiming up to 2,000 square feet of a property. Their extensive tunnel networks can be as shallow as a few inches underneath the ground or as deep as roughly 6 feet. When they dig holes, the extra soil is dumped over the ground in the shape of a mound. Gophers dig at an angle and fling the residual soil behind them as they proceed, resulting in crescent-shaped gopher mounds. They'll also fill the hole with a plug of earth. Newer dirt mounds will have a dark, loose texture, but older mounds will be lighter, more compressed.

Gophers Damage Plants

Gophers devour the roots of plants, leaving the plants to wilt or die. They may also consume the leaves or drag entire shrubs into their burrows. Because gophers are rodents, their teeth continue to develop throughout their lifetimes. To keep their teeth at a decent length, they must continually nibble on things. Gophers may ruin utility wires, agricultural drip lines, and sprinkler systems due to their desire to chew.

What To Expect From Southland's Gopher Control Service

When you book an inspection with our gopher control professional, you can expect straightforward guidance and tried-and-tested techniques to get rid of pocket gophers around your site. To determine the presence of gophers, we dig open gopher tunnels and wait for them to be repaired. Once certain, we place traps throughout the tunnels to catch gophers before they repopulate. We do not use any harmful chemicals or poisons to catch gophers as they may cause damage to your crops and be harmful for your pets.

Why Choose Southland?

Getting rid of gophers on your property is a job that demands specialized knowledge and equipment. Our technicians are wildlife conservation specialists who provide gopher control services to residential and commercial property owners. Our technicians at undergo the industry's most advanced wildlife management training to deliver quality results for every client. We provide expert guidance and a complete explanation of your treatment choices. Our crewmembers are properly licensed and adhere to all federal and state rules and regulations governing wildlife control.

gopher exclusion riverside