Bed Bug Heat Treatment

As bed bugs have made a resurgence in the US, a new treatment option has also been introduced. Heat is a relatively new tactic used by pest control companies to control bed bugs. This is because all bugs, including bed bugs, have a thermal death point which is about 120 degrees. To reach that point, we use specialized heating equipment to evenly apply heat to the infested area. Heat penetrates areas traditional pesticides can’t reach and bed bugs, along with their eggs, are destroyed. It’s hot enough to kill all the bugs in the treatment area without damaging your electronics or belongings.

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The Heat Treatment Process

Southland Pest Control professionals arrive at your location with the necessary equipment and procedural knowledge once we are certain of the infestation. All rooms are sealed, and the equipment is strategically placed to provide heat to the entire area. The room's temperature is normally elevated to 60-70 degrees Celsius. Bed bugs and their larvae die within an hour or two at this temperature. An electronic sensor continuously monitors the temperature to guarantee that the heat is evenly distributed and retained throughout the area. It's worth noting that the infected space may have certain cold patches that are covered by clutter and furniture. It's crucial to keep track of these areas' temperatures to provide adequate heat to exterminate all bedbugs. Depending on the type of structure, for single family residences, we strongly urge the use of tenting fumigation to eradicate bed bugs.

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Heat Treatment Prep

Heat treatments are much easier to prepare for than fumigations. They don’t require you to be out of your house for more than a few hours and you won’t have to bag everything in your kitchen first. Before the service, you will receive a short checklist to prepare your home. Our technicians will take about an hour or two to set up and take down the equipment. We will make sure that all electronics in the treatment areas are unplugged before starting.

Bed Bug Control Treatment Options

We offer the best in bed bug control and treatment options in La & Riverside county. If you suspect you have might a bed bug infestation in your home or place of business, call us today to schedule an inspection and discuss your treatment options.

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Local Bed Bug Treatment

Local treatment is recommended if bed bugs have been detected early enough that the infestation is still small, or if heat or fumigation is not practical for the space being treated. This treatment option is also ideal for customers working with a smaller budget. Local treatments typically take between 3 - 6 appointments, spaced out weekly. For the best results, customers should adhere to the prep checklist prior to and during the service period.

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Fumigation, much like heat, is an all-encompassing treatment option that will penetrate tough to reach areas between walls and in the cracks and crevices around the house. Fumigation also has the added benefit of removing other infestations like termites, ants, and spiders. Since termites are a year-round problem for homeowners in LA & Riverside county, fumigation may be an excellent option if you’re also facing a bed bug infestation. Fumigation typically takes 48-72 hours with set-up and takedown and customers see 100% success rates after service. Since fumigation requires our customers to be out of the house for a few days, we give our customers a thorough check list to prepare.