Ant Pest Control Service

Ants find their way indoors in search of food, water and shelter. In the LA & Riverside county, it is often due to changes in weather patterns like hot summer days, rains, or colder winter conditions. There are several different types of ants found in our area and Southland Pest Control treats them all by customizing a plan of action based on the type of infestation you're seeing.

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Ant Treatment

Southland Pest Control will assist you with any form of ant infestation. Our state-licensed pest controllers locate the colonies and distinguish between different ant species. Since each species requires an exclusive treatment, it's vital to obtain the expertise of a specialist in ant management. Our experts will study the situation, inspect your property thoroughly and will devise a plan that is specific to your needs, from carpenter ants to pavement ants and everything in between. After the initial treatment, we recommend beginning a regular treatment plan to keep ants out all year long.

Depending on your property, severity of the infestation and your budget, we offer ongoing ant control services on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Concerned about the use of traditional pesticides? We also offer organic ant pest control services on a monthly basis for the chemically sensitive. If you see any ants between regularly scheduled treatments, we will come back for free to re-treat the area.

With recurring service for ant control will also help out with a large variety of additional pests that invade your home. Our experts will collaborate with you to identify the cause of the infestation by addressing the ant problem in your home or office.


  • Treat all baseboards, cracks and crevices with odorless, non-staining products.
  • Interior services are typically only required during the inital treatment and occasionally upon request.


  • A non-repellent pesticide will be applied in around the perimeter of the home.
  • De-webbing of all windows, eaves , structural edges and other pest harborages.
  • Application of pesticide granules around all drip systems, plants, flowers, shrubs, grass areas, pools and fence lines.

Ants Found in Riverside

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Argentine Ants

Argentine ants, also known as black ants, are the most commonly found species of ants found in the southwest. These ants do not attack or compete with each other, which has helped them spread prolifically. Black ants are not poisonous to humans, but they can infiltrate a home quickly and take over bathrooms, kitchens and pantries in a matter of hours.

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Carpenter Ants

Carpenter ants are a wood-boring species of ant. They are often confused with termites because they build their colonies by boring tunnel systems into wood. These ants cause damage by weakening wood beams and other wooden structural material. In extreme cases, fumigation may be needed to remove the colony.

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Fire Ants

Like harvester ants, red imported fire ants build their colonies in large mounds. However, they prefer loose soil like sand. These ants also sting to defend their mounds when disturbed. Their stings can cause an allergic reaction to people or animals who are allergic to their venom.