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No Move Out Methods

Fumigation is always our primary reccomendation, though depending on accessability and the severity of your termite inestation, Southland Pest Control’s Termite Services division may be able to treat your termites without requiring you to move out of your home.

Don’t Want Chemicals?

For those who are chemically sensitive, we offer heat treatments for termites. Your home is sealed but unlike fumigation does not require tenting or commercial fumigants.

Termite Treatments Available To You

Southland Pest Control, Inc. now offers the Next Generation in Termite Control

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus®

Today home owners are concerned about the potential risks associated with the use of highly toxic pest control methods. We ask ourselves, does the risk outweigh the benefits? What possible affects does the continued use of highly toxic chemical technologies pose to our water, air, land and most importantly, our children? It is up to all of us to make responsible choices involving pesticide usage. This is why Southland Pest Control, Inc., members of the pest control industry and experts in Structural Integrated Pest Management (S-IPM), now offers the consumer alternatives to the conventional termite control methods. With new techniques at our disposal, we can now offer our clients this new generation in termite control.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® (D-Limonene) is 95% pure orange oil. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® contains no inert ingredients and is a by-product of citrus, natural in origin and a non-petrol product. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is the newest, most environmentally responsible and effective local treatment available today! XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® D-Limonene permits us to rid your structure of drywood termites without creating a potentially dangerous situation for homeowners and residents, their families, pets and plants. It is 100% biodegradable. It is applied by injection into the termite infested wood members. XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® D-Limonene achieves the highest degree of saturation into the wood. Southland Pest Control, Inc. now offers this product to the Southern California Region.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® at work

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® is an oil containing the active ingredient D-limonene, (95% pure orange oil), and uses its naturally wick effect soaking into the wood through the capillaries and uses the natural grain of the wood to travel through the porous cells in all directions and even defying gravity, (traveling up and down studs, and left and right on headers), to locate the termites anywhere in the piece of wood being treated.

Regardless of where the termite galleries are located, XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® kills termites and their eggs on contact. Should a termite be lucky enough to avoid physical contact with XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus®, it can also die if it eats any wood that has been recently treated with the product.

The reason XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® (D-limonene) is so devastating to termites is because of its exceptionally high citric acid content. It is 95% pure orange oil, (D-limonene), and its highly acidic pH level is of minimal consequence to humans, but lethal to termites.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® (D-limonene) works its way through the exoskeletons of any termites that come in contact including the eggs and kills them, should any of these pests be unfortunate enough to escape a direct contact of XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus®, (D-limonene). In the next several days after treatment, as the oil begins to dry, turns into a gas, ("biodegrade" dry up leaving no residual), and find its way throughout the piece of lumber being treated. This gas is the orange smell you may smell safe to humans, pets and the environment, but lethal to all termites. Orange oil treatment used in Riverside and Corona will not only treat the areas into which it is injected, but will soak into the surrounding areas as well.

In addition to the XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® (D-limonene) treatment, Southland Pest Control, Inc. also treats all accessible areas in the attic and garage, (exposed wood members), with Tim-bor Professional.

Tim-bor Professional is Disodium Octoborate Tetrahydrate, (soap salt water solution). As a preventative wood treatment, Southland Pest Control, Inc. applies Tim-bor Professional on untreated wood such as the wood found in attics and garages. It is absorbed and serves not only as a termite barrier and repellent, but also a fungicide and wood preservative for the protection and treatment of lumber against fungal decay.

Tim-Bor is a slow acting agent and can penetrate deep into wood members over a year's time, and will remain an active residual when the wood is protected from weather and the elements. Termites swarm during the warmer months of the year; it is at this time that they swarm most frequently to untreated wood.

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus™

used for treating drywood termites, carpenter ants, and wood-boring beetles. It is created through a steam distillation process of orange rinds and is 95% pure D-limonene. It will naturally wick through wood, saturating a treated board of wood.

Tim-bor® Professional Insecticide and Fungicide

is a water soluble borate powder that acts as a wood preservative, fungicide and insecticide to control and prevent drywood termites, carpenter ants, and wood decay fungi. Tim-bor® actually diffuses into the wood making the wood itself poisonous to termites, which is why it is used to pre-treat structures.

Scope and Inject Method™ For Drywood Termites

Quality treatment starts with a quality inspection. Our method integrates viewing technology as a key component of treating drywood termites. A Branch 3 Licensed Field Representative will search wall voids and other inaccessible areas suspected of pest activity using high-tech optical scopes. With technology such as true optics or fiber optics, areas that would have previously been considered inaccessible or only treatable by fumigation or heat are now made visible. A great advantage of viewing technology is there are no false positives in identifying pests because evidence looks the same when viewed through a borescope or with the naked eye. Once all areas of infestation have been found, treatment can begin. A recommended staggered pattern of drill holes is used to optimize the saturation into the treated board. A licensed technician will then inject XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus® directly into the infested wood. Specially designed tips and variable length drill bits make it possible to treat an entire structure, including such areas as wall voids, attics, etc. The use of borescopes allows Southland Pest Control Inc. to provide escrow clearances as well as whole house warranties.

Larger Structures

Do you have a large or difficult structure to treat with traditional methods, such as a condominium complex, apartment building, commercial building, hospital, school, or restaurant? Treating with our no-tent method can save you considerable time, money, and hassle while still providing the guaranteed results you need!

Termites – Prevent Them, Don't Tent Them

If you're building a new home, adding on, or re-roofing, Southland Pest Control Inc. will protect your structure by treating the raw wood with Tim-bor® after framing and roofing are up, but before insulation and drywall are installed. By diffusing deep into wood fibers, Tim-bor® can last as long as the wood is kept dry and protected from weather by paint or other sealant. In addition, any decay fungi is treated and killed on contact.


Southland Pest Control Inc. offers effective termite control, continuous termite protection, superior customer service, and an ongoing and extendable service warranty. This all adds up to peace of mind and worry-free protection of your home or properties for years to come. Our standard warranty is a two-year whole-house warranty. The warranty includes two annual inspection and service calls. Warranty details available upon request. Contact us today! and speak with a representative about our services. We Just Keep It Simple.


General 1. Q What does XT-2000 Orange Oil® smell like? A Oranges, plain and simple. 2. Q How long do I smell it? A Typically 4 to 5 days. 3. Q Where do you get XT-2000 Orange Oil®? A We distill orange rinds to extract the oil. D-limonene is the chemical name for orange oil. It is a renewable resource and is a by-product of orange juice manufacturing. 4. Q How do termites enter my home? A Drywood termites infest dry, undecayed wood, , including redwood, dead limbs of native trees, shade and orchard trees, utility poles, posts, as well as structural lumber, and lumber in storage. To establish new colonies, winged reproductives will swarm to exposed wood on the exterior of nearby buildings and other structures. 5. Q What is a drywood termite swarm? A Termites go through a simple metamorphosis with egg, nymph, and adult stages. Within four to five years of the establishment of a colony, up to 87% of the adults grow wings and become male and female reproductives. These winged termites will exit the colony in a swarm. This usually occurs seasonally on sunny days during late summer and fall months. 6. Q Can termites be found in a newly completed building? A The majority of the requests for inspection are in homes ten years or older. A new home with swarmers would suggest that the wood used in construction was infested or became infested during construction. A colony will swarm within four to five years of being established; if a swarm occurs sooner than five years in a new building, we know that the colony was established in the structural timbers prior to completion of the structure. 7. Q How do you know which wall termites come from? A Termites are blind, but they can sense light and head towards it. The location of swarmers would provide evidence of their point of origin. Termites glide toward the light, but they are wretched fliers. 8. Q How do you find everything and how do you know you will kill all the termites? A Structural Integrated Pest Management (SIPM), like all treatments, requires a quality inspection. A quality inspection is the key to an efficient and effective treatment of XT-2000 Orange Oil®. Drywood termites cannot hide from a quality inspection. Termites may be living in inaccessible areas, such as wall voids. An inspector with a basic knowledge of the entomology of the species will be able to determine these possible areas of infestation, a "KIA." "K"- Kalotermitidae (Latin for drywood termites) also known as Kalotermes (slang) "IA"- Inaccessible Areas. Further inspection of a "KIA" area, using methods such as a borascope during the treatment phase will allow access and identification of any additional infestations; with the right tools, no termite can stay hidden. 9. Q How can you look inside walls without opening them up? A Using a borascope, we verify the presence of drywood termites by locating their waste. We determine which areas need to be scoped due to other infestations located during the inspection. Termites have to create kickouts, a small hole through which they kick out their waste. Kickouts will occur up to 30 inches apart in an area that is infested. 10. Q Is XT-2000 Orange Oil® a primary treatment? A A Primary Treatment is when your whole structure is under warranty. There are only three Primary Treatments for drywood termites, Fumigation, Heat, and XT-2000 Orange Oil®. These are the only methods to have been proven in laboratory tests to get a 100% kill. 11. Q Is there a difference in companies that offer "no tent" treatment? A Any other "no tent"treatment, such as a local treatment, would be considered a Secondary Recommendation and Substandard. A Secondary Treatment only guarantees the treated areas, not the whole structure. 12. Q How does XT-2000 Orange Oil® work compared to fumigation? A We use a precise, comprehensive drill and treat method. The capillary action of XT-2000 Orange Oil® works in many ways like fumigation, but without the same risks! XT-2000 Orange Oil® moves through wood like a gas, along the path of least resistance, filling up the treated piece of wood until the termites have no place to hide. Unlike fumigation, XT-2000 Orange Oil® treatments are specifically targeted to the area of infestation, so you do not need to move out of your home during the treatment. 13. Q Once the termites are located, how does XT-2000 Orange Oil® kill termites? A With the drill and treat method, a technician will apply enough XT-2000 Orange Oil® to saturate the infested wood member. Once saturated, the orange oil will wick through the wood, getting to all of those hard to reach areas. In addition, once XT-2000 Orange Oil® is exposed to termites, its lights out! 14. Q How can drill and treat methods be effective if you do not apply XT-2000 Orange Oil® to every piece of wood in my house? A If there is no evidence of infestation, then the piece of wood is free and clear of termites. There is no need to treat every board, only the infested ones. 15. Q Once located, won't any other pesticide kill all the termites? A XT-2000 Orange Oil® kills termites on not only contact, but also the fumes act as a neurotoxin to the termites, creating a pleasant orange fragrance that humans smell without any effect. 16. Q Do heat treatments work? A Yes, but the time and labor cost is reflected in your bill for the treatment. It takes six to eight hours to heat a piece of wood internally to 125° Fahrenheit. In addition, the pretreatment preparation required of the homeowner is extensive and, if not completed properly, heat can be extremely damaging to property, such as plastics, electronics, and many other items. 17. Q How can spot treatments be effective if you do not apply evenly to every board? A If there is no evidence of infestation, then a board is free and clear of termites. We do not need to treat every board, merely the infested ones. 18. Q Is XT-2000 Orange Oil® flammable? A The government rates XT-2000 Orange Oil® as combustible. A combustible product has a higher flash point than products labeled as flammable; the higher the flash point, less flammable; XT-2000 Orange Oil® is not as much of a fire hazard as a flammable product. 19. Q What if the termites return? A At no additions expense under the guarantee, the customer can request a service call. Under the "Whole House Annual Control Agreement," every year we will perform a quality inspection and treat any new infestation as needed. 20. Q Will your treatment provide a clearance for me if I decide to sell my home? A Yes