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Don’t Want Chemicals?

For those who are chemically sensitive, we offer heat treatments for termites. Your home is sealed but unlike fumigation does not require tenting or commercial fumigants.

Termite Treatments Available To You

Orange Oil Is Dangerous!

Don’t be fooled by slick salesmen! Orange oil is highly flammable when applied to wood and will not provide a lasting solution to your termite infestation! Please see our Dangers of Orange Oil page for more information.

termite spot treatment corona riverside ontario

Termite Spot Treatments

We will soon provide local termite treatments in Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

There are many treatment options available for Subterranean and Drywood termites. While fumigation is our primary recommendation for exterminating Drywood termites, Southland Pest Control employs several other less invasive secondary termite treatment options without the hassle of tent fumigation. Our technicians are experts at locally treating for Subterranean and Drywood termites. We offer local treatments for nearly any infestation, whether it be in an apartment or condo, home or office building. After inspecting your structure, your termite technician will create a customized plan of action for the treatment of your structure.

Local Treatments Eliminate Termites

We employ a penetrating foam as a secondary option to fumigation. Unlike fumigations, foam treatments can be done in one day (depending on the size of the building) and are less costly. The product used is not a repellent or bait. It has little to no smell what so ever, so the termites don’t know that they are coming in contact with it. Once infected with this product, the termites carry it into their colonies where they unknowingly spread it like a virus.

Subterranean termites require a different approach. Treatment consists of drilling and trenching around your home, then treating the area with termiticides. In addition, we also locally treat affected wood members with termiticides and remove all damaged wood, repairing any and all wood to restore the structural integrity of your home.

Sub Areas - If Subterranean termites are found coming from your sub area, we typically recommend trenching and treating the soil around your home. In situations where only one area infested with Subterranean termites, your technician will let you know if spot treatment is right for you.

Cement Slabs - If Subterranean termites are found coming from the cement slab of your home, we will treat for them by drilling through the slab and injecting termiticides. After the slab injection treatment, our Subterranean termite technician will fill the holes in the slab with cement.

Perimeter Treatments - Cement sidewalks and patios sometimes need to be drilled and treated. In addition, we rod and treat or trench and treat the surrounding soil to stop Subterranean termite activity.

Pre-Construction & Preventative Treatments - We can stop Subterranean termites before they infest your home by treating pre-construction. Never leave wood in direct contact with the soil, Subterranean termites thrive in excessively moist conditions and feed exclusively on wood materials. For pre-construction, termiticide soil treatments should be applied to all foundations within 72 hours of pouring the slab.