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No Move Out Methods

Fumigation is always our primary reccomendation, though depending on accessability and the severity of your termite inestation, Southland Pest Control’s Termite Services division may be able to treat your termites without requiring you to move out of your home.

Don’t Want Chemicals?

For those who are chemically sensitive, we offer heat treatments for termites. Your home is sealed but unlike fumigation does not require tenting or commercial fumigants.

Termite Treatments Available To You

termite orange oil treatment corona riverside ontario

XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus Is Safe with NO move out treatments!

Orange oil treatments in Corona, Ontario and Riverside are highly effective!

Recently, citric acid - also known as orange oil, has become a popular termite control method. While orange oil is advertised as "safe" and "organic," when applied properly in your home that can be lethal to all termite colonies!

Orange Oil finds it's way and kills off the entire colony on the treated boards!

Orange oil is extremely effective when applied to wood and dries in about a week, this wicking action allows the product to reach maximum volatility. Once orange oil has been used on a timber, it needs only a minor galley to make it's way to the colony. For this reason orange oil should be used when moving out is not reasonable, effective in a wall void or attic.

Orange Oil Works!

Orange oil is a contact based termiticide, thus it has to saturate the infected wood to effectively control termites. Orange oil isan organic, or natural method of controlling termites. While orange oil may be organic, that doesn’t mean it lasts like funigation - orange oil biodegrades in 21 days and has no residual value after that time. No problem this treatment comes with two annual inspections and treatment of any newly termite evidence

Orange Oil Is safe and leaves that orange smell for days and it's safe to the Environment!

At Southland Pest Control Inc. we have been trained and certifies in XT-2000 Orange Oil Plus treatments, we perform in-depth research all the products we use. We are conscious of the environment and understand that some products are truly unsafe to use on a structure, despite how they are advertised.