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Poisonous Spiders

There are many types of spiders in southern California. Thankfully, most of these species are not dangerous. There are a few species you should watch out, especially if you live with small children or the elderly.

  • Black Widow Spiders - a shiny black spider with a red hourglass on the underside of it’s abdomen, this spider will aggressively protect it’s nest. A Black Widow nest is easily identified by the lack of organization in the spider’s erratic web.
  • Brown Widow Spiders - a wood colored cousin of the Black Widow, this spider is very reclusive and tends to hide in wood piles or other shelters close to the ground. The Brown Widow spider tends to be disinterested in biting unless cornered, though it’s bite is actually more poisonous than the Black Widow.
  • Tarantulas - while not considered venomous to most people, they can cause severe allergic reactions in those allergic to bees.
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Spider Pest Control Service

Now providing spider control services to Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

In southern California, spiders are a typical household pest. They can hide in outdoor furniture and play sets or indoors in high ceiling corners. Most spiders found around the home are not poisonous, however, black and brown widow spiders can be harmful to small children and pets if they disturb a web. Generally, these spiders keep to themselves in low to the ground areas. Their webs are abstract and not symmetrical like garden spiders. Over-the-counter pest sprays can solve a spider infestation temporarily, but for a long term solution preventative maintenance is recommended.

How does Southland Pest Control treat for spiders?

After the initial inspection of your property, our pest technician will treat the exterior and interior of your home. Our technician will remove webs and treat around windows and doors. A low toxicity treatment will be applied to the yard and around the perimeter of the interior. Southland Pest Control recommends beginning a preventative maintenance program when treating for spiders to prevent future infestations.

What kind of Guaranty does Southland Pest Control offer?

Southland Pest Control guarantees all work done around your residence. In order to have the best guaranty, Southland Pest Control recommends beginning a preventative maintenance program. Our preventative service can be done on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.