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Silverfish Eat Everything

Silverfish consume just about anything. Including glue, book bindings, plaster, some paints, paper, photos, sugar, coffee, hair, carpet, clothing, dandruff, tapestries, cotton, linen, silk, synthetic fibres, dead insects, leather ware and synthetic fabrics. Silverfish can live for a year or more without eating.

silverfish control corona riverside ontario

Silverfish Pest Control Service

Now providing silverfish control services to Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

Silverfish are a common household pest in southern California. They are often found in bathrooms, attics, garage space and closets or any space with a relatively high humidity. They have a long silver body that tapers toward the end, creating a fish like appearance. Although they’re not poisonous to humans, they can cause damage to clothing and contaminate food sources if left untreated.

How does Southland Pest Control treat for Silverfish?

When treating for silverfish, our pest technician will start off by inspecting your property. Once the source of the problem has been identified, the technician will use low impact chemicals to treat the interior and exterior of your home. To prevent future infestations, Southland Pest Control recommends beginning a preventative maintenance program after your first service.


All treatments done by Southland Pest Control are guaranteed. For the best guaranteed results, a preventative maintenance service is recommended to prevent silverfish from returning. Our maintenance program is available on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Call today for more information!