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Reducing Pests Without Pesticide

  • Vegetation, shrubs, trees, debris and wood mulch should be kept at least one foot away from structures.
  • Cracks and crevices in walls, floors and pavement and vent openings are either sealed or eliminated.
  • Cabinets, shelves (including garage storage) are thoroughly cleaned at least twice yearly.
  • Food contaminated dishes, utensils and preparation surfaces are cleaned by the end of each day.
  • Garbage cans and dumpsters are cleaned regularly.
  • Litter is collected and disposed of at least once a week.
organic pest control corona riverside ontario

Organic Pest Control Service

Now providing integrated pest management to Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

Integrated Pest Management, or I.P.M as it is commonly known, is an environmentally sensitive approach to pest control that relies on a combination of common sense practices. When used in conjunction with regularly scheduled low impact pest control treatments, integrated pest management practices are very effective at minimizing pests. The I.P.M. approach can be applied to both agricultural and non-agricultural settings, such as the home, garden, and workplace. Integrated Pest Management is only part of the battle in controlling the pest population. Regularly scheduled pest control services will help to further eliminate pests from your establishment.

Preventative Maintenance Program

Southland Pest Control’s Preventative Maintenance program begins with a state licensed technician providing a full inspection of your residence. During the inspection, your technician will identify potential problem areas around your home or office. After the source of your problem areas have been identified, our technician will show you steps you can take to reduce future pest infestations. Correct pest identification provides the basis for the development of the most effective pest management strategies. Your technician will create a customized pest treatment plan for year-round protection, using the most effective and environmentally-conscious pest control solutions. Our Preventative Maintenance Program is available on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis, so you choose the service that works best for your schedule!