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Mouse Proofing

Are you seeing mice in your southern California home? We offer mouse proofing with every service to eliminate mice where they start.

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Mouse Control Service

Now providing mouse control & removal services to Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

Mice are a common household pest around southern California all year long. Mice are typically nocturnal and rely on their keen olfactory sense and sense of hearing to navigate at night. If there is open space near by, mice may seek sources of food, water or shelter in your house. Tall trees near your roof or wood piles stacked next to the house can help mice gain access inside your home, garage or attic. They can also squeeze through small openings in the eaves around your home as they only need about 1 inch of space to fit. Mice can also make a mess of your home or storage space and they have been known to carry other pests like fleas and parasites into your yard. Their feces can also carry hantavirus. Fruit trees, shrubs and ice plant can hide nests and provide a source of food for their young. If left untreated, a female mouse can have up to 160 babies a year and the infestation becomes difficult to control.

How does Southland Pest Control treat a mice infestation?

To effectively treat a rodent problem, Southland Pest Control uses a variety of methods to gain control over the infestation. First, a technician will inspect your property for entrance points. If rodents are found in the home, the technician will use bait to attract them away from the structure. Once rodents are out of the home, the technician will proof and block all potential openings for the rodents. If a clean-out is needed, the technician will also remove any droppings or nest material.


Southland Pest Control guarantees all work done around your home. If an exclusion service was performed during your rodent service, Southland will guarantee the service for 12 months. Southland Pest Control recommends starting a preventative maintenance program after your first service to prevent future infestations. Our preventative services are available on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis.