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How Crickets Chirp

Only the male crickets chirp. The sound is emitted by the stridulatory organ, a large vein running along the bottom of each wing, covered with serrated teeth. The chirping sound is created by running the top of one wing along the teeth at the bottom of the other wing. As the males do this, the cricket also holds the wings up and open, so that the wing membranes can act as acoustical sails. It is a popular myth that the cricket chirps by rubbing its legs together.

cricket control corona riverside ontario

Cricket Pest Control Service

Now providing cricket control services to Corona, Ontario and Riverside!

Crickets may be harmless to humans, but in large numbers, they can ruin a nice evening outdoors or take over a garage or storage area. A cricket infestation can be a nuisance because they’re nocturnal and tend to chirp loudly at night. Often confused with grasshoppers because of a similar body structure and long legs, there are around 900 species of crickets. The most common cricket found in southern California are field crickets.

How does Southland Pest Control treat for crickets?

To treat a cricket infestation, a Southland Pest Control technician will come to your residence and start by identifying the source of the problem. The technician will follow up by treating the interior and exterior of the home with a low impact chemical treatment.


Southland Pest control guarantees all work done around your residence. In order to have the best guaranty, Southland Pest Control recommends beginning a preventative maintenance program. Southland Pest Control offers a flexible schedule for preventative service, depending on what works best for you. The service is available on a monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Call today for more information.