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Why use a dog to find bedbugs?

Dogs provide the fastest, most accurate bed bug detection. Although dogs have been used successfully for decades to detect drugs and locate explosives, it is only recently that man’s best friend has become the latest weapon in the war on bed bugs.  This is because dogs are extremely good at discriminating minute amounts of target scents even in the presence of high concentrations of non-target smells.  A dog’s nose is so sensitive it can detect just a few target scent molecules from trillions of background odor molecules.  This is over a million times more sensitive than any human being.  Southland Pest Control’s certified bedbug dogs are the fastest, most reliable way to diagnose a bed bug infestation available today.

bed bug treatment methods

Bed Bug Treatment Methods

Now providing bed bug control & detection services in Orange, San Bernardino, Riverside & East LA Counties!

Bed Bug Treatments

Bed bug treatments are not all the same! Southland Pest Control offers full scale fumigation, heat treatments for the chemically sensitive and traditional pesticide treatments depending on the severity of your infestation.

Heat Treatment

After the initial inspection of your property, our technicians will use specially designed equipment to seal off your property and apply a dry heat evenly throughout the structure. This chemical free treatment will cook the bedbugs where they stand since the heat will permeate wall cavities and other spaces not reachable by traditional chemical application. The temperature during treatment is between 120-140° which is lethal for bed bugs.

Chemical treatment

The initial inspection with our certified bedbug dogs will point out all areas infested by bedbugs. Our technician will then apply a low-impact chemical treatment to all of the affected areas. Unlike heat treatments and fumigation, you will not need to leave your home for more than a couple of hours during the day of service.


Fumigation is one of the most effective ways to fully eradicate bed bugs. This process, also known as tenting, is when secured tarps cover your home for three days and Vikane gas fumigant is introduced into the structure. This method is used because of its ability to penetrate the structure, reaching bedbugs and other pests where traditional pesticides cannot. Vikane rapidly penetrates through wood members of the home to kill bed bugs through suffocation. After fumigation, Vikane leaves no residues, a common worry with fumigants.

For more information about Bedbugs, see our Bedbug FAQ.